Recipe Development

Navigating food allergies and intolerances can feel overwhelming, especially considering how many social activities revolve around eating. Many clients work with me to address their complex relationship to food, rooted in previous attempts to change their diet without support, or due to the emotional triggers that can accompany restriction.

As both a clinician and passionate home chef, it’s my mission to help you reclaim the joy that should always accompany eating, regardless of your health history.

Rather than offering general meal inspiration (which can be found in the cookbooks lining your cupboard or featured on your favorite blog), upon request, I create personalized, condition-specific, nutrient-dense recipes designed to encourage my clients to once again cultivate an appreciation for food. Whether I begin from scratch or transform one of your favorite past recipes to accommodate your current needs, let’s reconnect you with a pleasurable eating experience.

The following are highlights of special recipes I’ve created, each with specific consideration of one (or multiple) common allergens, such as milk, eggs, nuts, soy, wheat and shellfish.

Breakfast Recipes

Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Dessert Recipes

To learn more about my recipe development offerings, please schedule a complimentary discovery call on my homepage.