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Guided Meditations & More:

Interested in exploring the evidence-based benefits of breathwork? Browse my collection of guided meditations, mindful activities, and recipes for relaxation.

Gardening Like a Nutritionist

Gardening like a nutritionist involves several steps to enhance the nutrient density of your homegrown foods, whether you’re using raised beds or small pots in your outdoor space.

Manuka Turmeric Beauty Mask

This Manuka turmeric beauty mask soothes with its honey scent and sparkles with golden spice, made only of ingredients found in your kitchen that contain anti-inflammatory properties with topical benefits.

Guided Meditations

As a certified teacher, Alyssa’s guided meditations are designed for your relaxation, offering a taste of the beautiful world of breathwork.

Homemade Rose Water

Homemade rose water is an antioxidant rich infusion, with its soft pink glow and delicate blossom fragrance that makes an ideal addition to your natural beauty regime.

Rose Petal Moisturizing Oil

Rose petal moisturizing oil, infused with spiraling dried petals, offers a feast for the eyes, an ethereal scent and nourishment for the heart, all while soothing the skin.

Mindful Eating Practices

Weaving mindful eating practices into everyday activities helps evolve your relationship to food and identify better ways to love your body.

Almond Pulp Salt Scrub

This luxurious almond pulp salt scrub is an ideal body exfoliant during bathing – especially since it features leftover pulp from freshly made almond milk.

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