Meditation Retreats & Private Sessions

I am a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, having completed my 200-hour teacher program through the McLean Meditation Institute, with training in the neuroscience, theory, practice and teaching of meditation. I have years of experience leading regular sessions with private clients and teaching group studio classes.

I also host retreats and workshops with businesses and firms around the country, notably Marriott International; Hilton Hotels & Resorts; Embassy of Canada; Sweetgreen; YPO; SEIU; and Bain Capital. I have lectured on topics ranging from mindfulness to mindful eating, stress management, leadership, and overall health.

My private restorative sessions focus on healing the body through the mind by targeting stress, cultivating more self-compassion and embracing change.

With my guidance, you can learn:

  • 5 essentials for designing your daily meditation practice
  • Neurological, physical, mental, and emotional benefits of meditation
  • Mindful ways to reduce stress and peaceful practices to improve focus
  • Targeted approaches to mindful eating, pain management, gratitude and self-compassion
  • Yoga Nidra techniques designed to improve your relationship to sleep
  • Mindful leadership and communicative skills

Schedule Your Complimentary Discovery Call:

This 15-minute complimentary call is designed to answer your initial questions and determine if we are the right match. To schedule a call, please fill out the form below. I will get back to you within 24-48 business hours with my availability.

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