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Hypothyroidism and Genetics – How Diet Can Mitigate Family History. In this article Alyssa reviews thyroid function, hypothyroidism, its links to autoimmunity and genetics, as well as supportive dietary and lifestyle interventions to maintain a healthy thyroid gland. Published February 2023 – WellTheory.
In a new recipe, Alyssa designs a gluten-free pistachio plum tart featuring Three Trees Pistachio Nut Milk.
In a new recipe, Alyssa designs a plant-based black sesame chocolate mousse featuring Tree Trees Black Sesame Milk.

Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Navigating food allergies and intolerances can feel overwhelming, especially considering how many social activities revolve around eating. Many people have a complex relationship to food, often rooted in previous attempts to change their diet without support, or due to the emotional triggers that can emerge after eliminating foods from your diet, either by requirement or therapeutic choice.

Joy should always accompany eating, regardless of your health history. Alyssa’s personalized, condition-specific, nutrient-dense recipes for clients are designed to encourage people to once again cultivate an appreciation for food, despite restriction.

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