Guided Meditations

Alyssa’s guided meditations are designed for your relaxation, offering a small taste of the beautiful world of breathwork.

Alyssa is a MMI Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, having completed her 200-hour teacher training through the McLean Meditation Institute, which focuses on the neuroscience, theory, practice and teaching of meditation. She holds three years of teaching experience, leading weekly sessions with private clients, bi-weekly studio classes (yoga nidra and breathwork), and presentations for corporate clients. Specifically, Alyssa has designed and led workshops for Marriott International, the Embassy of Canada, Sweetgreen, the Young President’s Organization, SEIU, Bain Capital, AIPAC, Arlington County and prominent D.C. law firms, among others, with topics ranging from mindfulness to mindful eating, stress management, leadership and overall health.

As an instructor, Alyssa offers restorative sessions focused on healing the body through the mind by targeting stress, cultivating more self-compassion, and embracing change. Alyssa draws from her own experience, tapping into the tangible benefits of the daily meditative practice she established after a debilitating, chronic digestive illness changed her life.

As with all meditations, you are encouraged to stay with your breath and sensory experience long after the recording has concluded.

A note on Alyssa’s guided meditations (you may need to use a specific browser, such as Firefox or Chrome to listen to these recordings. Safari is not always compatible).

This 6-minute guided meditation focuses on a gentle body scan, beginning with relaxing the muscles of your face and working all the way down to the tips of your toes. This simple practice is enhanced with a soft smile and the affirmation “I am at ease”.

This 6-minute guided meditation, accompanied by peaceful chime music, encourages you to cultivate gratitude. Whether you feel grateful for your health, your loved ones, or simply your ability to breathe, expressing thanks helps you to open yourself up to the fullness of life.

This 5-minute guided meditation begins with breath awareness and body relaxation, then moves into a visualization of the elements, bringing together a golden sun sinking in the sky as it sets over rippling water. Offering images that portray a kaleidoscope of colors, this mini escape is designed to nourish the imagination while also cultivating peace.

This 6-minute guided meditation encourages you to rest comfortably in the space of the present moment, rather than being tied to past or future anxieties. Its focus is on relaxing the body, paired with conscious awareness.

This 6-minute guided meditation encourages you to paint the colors of a fall scene, using your imagination to enhance your sensory experience. Visualizations such as these offer a way to relax your body by activating your mind and distracting yourself from anything other than purposeful thought.

This 5-minute gentle relaxation exercise weaves simple piano chords with breath and sensory awareness. More interactive than typical guided meditations, this recording offers space to relax, without drifting off too deeply.

This 6-minute guided meditation offers a taste of open awareness, a type of mindfulness practice that encourages you to accept whatever your surroundings are revealing without resistance. Think of it like a panoramic present moment meant to fully ground your body, while keeping the strong pull of your mind at bay.

This 5-minute guided meditation explores the external and internal world, playing with space while achieving balance through breath awareness.

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