Meditation for Children August 27, 2019 - Including your children in your own meditation practice creates space in your family for mindful communication and gives you the opportunity to teach your children how to cope with stress, deal with difficult emotions, and calm their body and mind.
Meditation & Its Impact On Gut Health July 11, 2019 - Unlocking the simple power of breath is transformative: for peace of mind and microbes. My article first appeared on Dr. Robynne Chutkan's Gutbliss Rx:
Introduction to Yoga Nidra May 28, 2019 - Join me on a visual journey of yoga nidra, a soothing kind of guided meditation designed to restore the body and mind (recording included).
Embracing the Healing Journey May 7, 2019 - The grace and beauty that can be found in the realm of holistic healing is transformative.
Mindful Eating & Living May 7, 2019 - While many of us are lovers of food and flavor, we’ve forgotten how to eat with intention.
Reducing Stress at Work May 6, 2019 - Incorporating mindful practices into your workday allows you to establish a peaceful reference point that you can access whenever a situation is spinning out of control.
Cultivating Mindfulness May 6, 2019 - Mindfulness is the cure for our common disconnect.
Mindful Self Care May 6, 2019 - Establishing a regular meditation practice not only helps with daily stressors, but also conditions your body and mind to react with less intensity when life throws you a curveball.

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