Alyssa is a MMI Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, having completed her 200-hour teacher training through the McLean Meditation Institute, which focuses on the neuroscience, theory, practice and teaching of meditation.

She holds three years of teaching experience, leading weekly sessions with private clients, bi-weekly studio classes (yoga nidra and breathwork), and presentations for corporate clients. Specifically, Alyssa has designed and led workshops for Marriott International, the Embassy of Canada, Sweetgreen, the Young President’s Organization, SEIU, Bain Capital, AIPAC, Arlington County and prominent D.C. law firms, among others, with topics ranging from mindfulness to mindful eating, stress management, leadership and overall health.

As a meditation instructor, Alyssa offers restorative sessions focused on healing the body through the mind by targeting stress, cultivating more self-compassion, and embracing change. Alyssa draws from her own experience, tapping into the tangible benefits of the daily meditative practice she established after a debilitating, chronic digestive illness changed her life.

Her following blog posts offer a variety of mindful activities, recipes for relaxation, evidence-based benefits of mindful living, and guided meditations.

Guided Meditations

As a certified teacher, Alyssa’s guided meditations are designed for your relaxation, offering a taste of the beautiful world of breathwork.

Homemade Holiday Holly Wreath

This homemade holly wreath is not only a holiday feast for the eyes, but also traditionally believed to bring good luck to the home’s inhabitants.

Homemade Dried Orange Garland

Whether you string the fruit as a festive homemade dried orange garland or feature the golden discs in a seasonal drink, the magic of Yuletide is, in its sweet way, forever preserved.

Homemade Rose Water

Homemade rose water is an antioxidant rich infusion, with its soft pink glow and delicate blossom fragrance that makes an ideal addition to your natural beauty regime.

Rose Petal Bath Salts

Rose petal bath salts, designed to calm your mind and soothe your body, help you to reclaim your bathtub (a dedicated Zen space) and soak your way to vibrant health.

Rose Petal Moisturizing Oil

Rose petal moisturizing oil, infused with spiraling dried petals, offers a feast for the eyes, an ethereal scent and nourishment for the heart, all while soothing the skin.

Mindful Bathing Rituals

Mindful bathing rituals encourage you to cultivate self-care practices that use holistic and intuitive remedies to calm the mind and soothe the body. Reclaim your bathtub – a dedicated Zen space – and soak your way back to simplicity through the art of slow living.

Mindful Eating Practices

Weaving mindful eating practices into everyday activities helps evolve your relationship to food and identify better ways to love your body.

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Corporate Wellness Retreats & Private Meditation Sessions with Alyssa:

With Alyssa’s guidance, you can learn:

  • 5 essentials for designing your daily meditation practice
  • Neurological, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of meditation
  • Mindful ways to reduce stress and peaceful practices to improve focus
  • Targeted approaches to mindful eating, pain management, gratitude and self-compassion
  • Yoga Nidra techniques designed to improve your relationship to sleep
  • Mindful leadership and communicative skills

To inquire about Alyssa’s retreats and private sessions, please fill out the contact form below.

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