Uncooking: Raw Food

Raw foods (prepared at 120ยฐF or below) are an incredible way to introduce enzymes into your diet. Preparing them with certain techniques can dramatically increase the bioavailability of necessary micronutrients.

Natural Sweeteners

It’s no secret that processed sugar is detrimental to our health. Fortunately, natural sweeteners, used in moderation, offer synergistic flavor profiles as well as numerous health benefits.

Choosing Integrative Health

With chronic medical conditions on the rise, conventional medicine must adapt. Rather than simply treating symptoms of disease, health professionals need to address the root cause of illness, assist patients in implementing lifestyle changes for preventative measures, and take psychological and social factors into consideration when recommending plans of action, as much as physiology.

Sweet Potato Bolognese

Sweet potato noodles – pastaโ€™s heroic substitute – is a supreme match for a bubbling bolognese pulled straight from the fire. Long golden tendrils filled with sweet, earthy flavors pay tribute to traditional Italian cuisine, upstaged by a paleo plot twist.

Citrus Dressing

This citrus vinaigrette features notes of candied fruit and caramel, thanks to an orange juice reduction over flame. When creating homemade dressings, always taste test the mixture with a small piece of lettuce to determine how its flavor profile will change with the introduction of greens.