Holiday Holly Wreath

The tradition of hanging holly in the house originates from Celtic lore, as it was believed to bring good luck to the home’s inhabitants. While this mystical plant is beautiful to behold, the leaves are tipped with prickly thorns and the bewitching berries are quite poisonous, so let’s call this a feast for the eyes alone.

Dried Oranges & Garland

The most lovely scent of the holidays (competing with our fir tree) is that of sliced oranges dehydrating for several hours, their warm citrus scent wafting from room to room. Whether you string the fruit as a festive garland or feature the golden discs in a seasonal drink, the magic of Yuletide is, in its sweet way, forever preserved.

Cashew-Seed Crumble

This cashew-seed seasoning is reminiscent of crumbly parmesan in texture and cheesy taste (thanks to the unique flavor profile of nutritional yeast, which is gluten and dairy-free, as well as packed with B vitamins). It’s the ideal plant-based topping for any savory dish, adding a slight crunch and nutty finish to every bite. Most intriguing is the addition of organic dried kelp flakes from Maine that adds saltiness and further boosts the nutrient density of this nut-seed-spice medley.

Black Sesame Chocolate Mousse

Black Sesame Chocolate Mousse, sweetened with maple syrup and embellished with notes of vanilla and cinnamon, will delight your palate with each rich spoonful. Topped with a final flourish of whipped almond milk and sprinkle of seeds, this decadently dark dessert is a plant-based dream. I’ve partnered with Three Trees Organics to feature their new product, Organic Black Sesame Nut & Seed Milk.

Rose Water

With its soft pink glow and delicate blossom fragrance, rose water is an antioxidant rich infusion: an ideal addition to your beauty regime or midday mocktail. Whether incorporated as a facial mist to keep blemishes at bay, or savored as a splash in a spritzer, this hydrating elixir will nourish your heart and settle your nervous system.

Rose Botanicals

With their ethereal scent and spiraling silky petals, roses offer a feast for the eyes and nourishment for the heart. Whether fresh or dried, these vibrant flowers serve as lovely additions to moisturizing oils, bath salts, tonics and toners.

Dandelion Fritters

Fried dandelion blossoms, featuring sweet spices of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg, are delectable, floral morsels, known for their nutrient density. Often overlooked as an unwelcome weed, these beloved flowers that defined our childhood, double as potent plant medicine, with healing properties to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.

Tomato Onion Flatbread

This golden, crispy flatbread offers a canvas of opportunities: broad strokes of tomato herb sauce, a splattering of caramelized onions, pops of color from peppery arugula and basil chiffonade, to final touches of cashew “cheese” and pink salt crystals. It’s a gluten and dairy-free dream meant to brighten the previously discouraging ritual of the classic pizza party.

Chocolate Leaves

Draw your inspiration from nature this holiday season with homemade chocolate leaves, using natural molds from your garden to create delicious imprints. Whether used as a final floral flourish on a delicious dessert or eaten alone, the novelty of this edible foliage will delight your guests.