Alyssa is a Clinical Nutritionist (MS, CNS, LDN), Certified Mindfulness Instructor, and Corporate Wellness Creator. She has advanced education and training in integrative health and over 5 years of experience designing and leading programs and large events related to nutrition, mindfulness, and corporate well-being. She has worked with global companies, government organizations, law firms, and C-suite private clients on optimizing health, as well as provided strategic guidance to schools on their implementation of wellness programs. She holds a Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from MUIH and a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University.


As a Clinical Nutritionist, Alyssa is passionate about advancing the critical role that evidence-based personalized nutrition plays in every aspect of human health – notably through her research, publications, and clinical work. To learn more about Alyssa’s nutrition experience, please visit:

Corporate Wellness:

As a Certified Meditation Instructor and Corporate Wellness Creator, Alyssa joins the latest research on neuroscience with integrative healing modalities, to support corporate and private client efforts in transforming their relationship with their body and mind. To learn more about Alyssa’s wellness program experience, please visit:

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